These are the questions we get asked a lot so we thought we would collate them all onto this page so they are in one place… If after reading these, you still have a query, please click here to Contact Us using our online form.

What is the website address?

Yes, believe it or not, we do still get asked this. If you’re reading this. Congratulations – you’re here. If you still need the information – our website address is www.spiritoftheoldtown.co.uk

Where do we meet?

All tours meet at the gates at the bottom end of the Old Town High Street, by the junction at Queensway.

What time does the tour start?

Time vary from tour to tour depending on the time of year. Please check the online booking system, facebook page or your email confirmation for the start time and further details of the tour.

What does ‘Interactive Ghost Walk’ mean?

This means that this is a historical walk that also includes performances by local actors who are playing the parts of some of the known, and lesser known, spirits of the old town.

How do I book tickets?

Again, if you’ve made it this far, you are nearly there. To book tickets online, please Click Here and select the correct date you require along with the number of tickets and ticket types needed.

What is the Facebook page address?

The address for the Spirit of the Old Town Facebook page is as follows:
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What should I wear?

We suggest wrapping up warm in winter and always wearing sensible footwear as, as the title explains, it is a walk. There are some stairs to climb and a graveyard to walk through (running from ghosts in heels is not advised).

How long is the walk?

The walk lasts approximately 75 – 90 minutes, depending on the size of the group and the weather.

Are there any age restrictions?

Children age 10 and up are welcome on the tour however those under 16 will need a parent or guardian with them.

What ages does the concession ticket cover?

Anyone wishing to book tickets for those that are aged 60 or over are eligible for a concessions ticket. Children aged 12 and under are eligible for a childs ticket.

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