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Welcome to the Spirit of the Old Town Interactive Hemel Hempstead History Timeline.

73 – Roman Settlement in Gadebridge

There are a few roman settlements in Hemel including, Boxmoor, Gadebridge and a burial mound in Highfield

705 –¬†King Offa Grants Hemel Hempstead to Bishop of London

The first recorded mention of the town is the grant of land at Hamaele by Offa, King of Essex, to the Saxon Bishop of London in AD 705.

1086 – Hemel Hempstead in Domesday Book

Hemel Hempstead Hamelamestede 4 mills 300eels

1140 – ST Mary’s Church Built

The church of St Mary’s was built in 1140, and is known as one of the finest Norman parish churches in the county. The church features an unusual 200 feet tall spire, this was added in the 12th century, one of Europe’s tallest.

1539 – Henry VIII grants Charter

Henry VIII grants market charter for Hemel Hempstead to become a bailiwick with the right to hold a Thursday market and a fair on Corpus Christi Day Having their own market means they no longer have to travel to Berkhamstead or ST Albans.

1572 – Queen Elizabeth 1 grants charter

Elizabeth I’s Charter of 1572 helped the High Street to develop with a new Market House and other market buildings.

1798 – The Cranstone’s come to Hemel

Joseph Cranstone Sr. and his family move from Horsham to Hemel Hempstead to start the Irom Works at Number 25

1837 – Euston to Birmingham Railway

In 1837 the railway from Euston to Birmingham was built with a station just outside Hemel Hempstead in Boxmoor

1852 – Town Hall Built

The new Town Hall was built

1887 – Matthew Leno improves the High Street

High Bailiff Matthew Leno, knocks down The Lamb and Shambles to make way for a new Market square and nicer buildings.

1907 – Mabel is Purchased

Fire Brigade purchase their first steam fire engine

1946 – A New Town

Hemel Hempstead is selected to be a new town

1990 – “Pie in the Sky” Filmed for TV

Pie in the Sky aired from 1994 to 1997. DI Crabbe retires from the police force after being shot and sets up his own restaurant. However, his ex-boss, Chief Constable Fisher constantly calls Crabbe back on duty.

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