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"Brilliant. A very entertaining and educational tour of the Old Town. We really enjoyed it and will come again."
- Heather Gomm

"Had an absolutely brilliant night; the tour was great fun, informative & all the actors who were involved were fantastic. Highly recommend!"
- Lisa Hannaby

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“Ghost walk: me and my friends recently went on the old town ghost walk on a Monday night and it was really good. It was jumpy all the way through and we were constantly looking over our shoulders for all the ghosts creeping up on us unexpectedly!!! The history of the old town is so interesting, especially growing up in Hemel and the guide certainly knew what he was talking about and all the facts. I was surprised at how much access to inside old town shops etc there was available to us during the trip too. We went when it was light, which I thought would make it less scary, but it didn’t at all and it was still jumpy! Will definitely go back for another go but in the dark this time!” – Laura Louise Williams


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