Interactive Ghost Walk Experiences in Hemel Hempstead

Interactive Ghost Walk Experiences in Hemel Hempstead

Interactive Ghost Walk Experiences in Hemel Hempstead

Interactive Ghost Walk Experiences in Hemel Hempstead

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We now have a Second Ghost Walk! - Boxmoor

Henry VIII

Granted Hemel a Market Charter and socialised in the town. Read more...

Joseph Cranstone

Owned the Iron foundary, an important figure in Hemel's history. Read more...


Young crippled girl hidden away.

Isabella Harrington

Landlady of the Royal Oak Pub.

Read About Our Characters & Actors

Read about the people who have defined Hemel Hempstead's Old Town - and the actors who portray them - on our Characters & Actors page.

Spirit of the Old Town Wins Dacorum's Den 2016

When you start a project like this you are never quite sure if it will work. Will people like it? Will people come?

We have had such a success with it and I'm so happy that Mike Penning advised me to apply for the Dacorum's Den funding project and I'm even happier that I won!

Such a great experience for all involved and I'm so lucky to have the total support of all the judges, the business team at Dacorum Borough Council - Look No Further and my mentor, Martin Fieldman at Abode Bed.

Kimberly Black

"Brilliant. A very entertaining and educational tour of the Old Town. We really enjoyed it and will come again."
- Heather Gomm

"Had an absolutely brilliant night; the tour was great fun, informative & all the actors who were involved were fantastic. Highly recommend!"
- Lisa Hannaby

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The Rose & Crown

Dates from the 1500's and used to provide stabling for up to 20 horses. Read more...

The Enchanted Oak

The Enchanted Oak is now a well known Holistic and Spiritual Centre. Read more...

The Kings Arms

Named the Kings Arms because of the frequent visits from King Henry VIII. Read more...

The Old Bell

The Old Bell dates from the 1600's even though the façade is a 1700's extension. Read more...

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